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Product Information:

Introducing the magnificent Patriotic Bounce House with Double Lane Slides, a thrill-filled inflatable wonderland that combines the excitement of a bounce house and the exhilaration of two double slides for one unforgettable experience. Standing tall and proud, this vibrant attraction is designed to ignite the spirit of patriotism and create lasting memories for all who enter. 

The Patriotic Bounce House commands attention with its striking red, white, and blue color scheme that symbolizes the essence of national pride. As children step inside, they are transported to a realm of pure joy, where laughter echoes and imagination run wild. 

The heart of this inflatable masterpiece is the expansive bounce house are, where children can unleash their energy and bounce to there heart's content. With it's sturdy construction and soft, cushioned floor, the bounce house provides a safe and exciting environment for kids to jump, leap and soar to new heights. The resilient material ensures a comfortable landing with each joyful bounce. 

But the adventure doesnt's stop there. The Patriotic Bounce House feature not just one, but two thrilling double lane slides that will make hearts race and smiles widen. Children eagerly climb the inflatable stairs, excitement building as they reach the top. With a sense of anticipation, they take a deep breath and launch themselves down the slippery slopes, experiencing an adrenaline rush like no other. The wind rushes through their hair as they glide effortlessly, feeling the sheer exhilaration of freedom. 

For those hot summer day, this remarkable bounce house combo also offers a water option and pool, providing a refreshing splash of fun. The water slide is equipped with a gentle cascade of cool water, making every descent a refreshing escape from the summer heat. Children revel in the delightful combination of the water's touch and thrill of sliding, and creating unforgettable memories of laughter and joy. 

Safety is a top priority, and the Patriotic Bounce House ensures a secure environment for all young adventurers. The inflatable walls and safety nets surrounding the bounce house and slides provide a protective barrier, ensuring that children can play with confidence and parents can have peace of mind. 

This 15’ H x 29’L x 14’W Bounce House w/Dual Lane Slides is an amazing addition to any event. Providing hours of bouncing fun it also offers duel slides to provide variety in activity for your kiddos. This units blues and reds are very attractive and set off any party creating a fun atmosphere in even the most bland parties. Let our unit work for you to keep your kids occupied while you get a much deserved opportunity to just relax. This unit is cleaned and sanitized before every use to ensure your guests have a fun and safe bouncing experience. So if your asking yourself, "Where do i find an amazing bounce house near me?", look no further than Jubilee Party Rentals for all of your party needs. 

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  • Dry OptionPatriotic Bounce House w/ Double Lane Slide Wet/Dry:Dry Option1

  • Wet OptionPatriotic Bounce House w/ Double Lane Slide Wet/Dry:Wet Option1

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